The SmartTag™ has been used successfully by multiple organisations for over 25 years. It is the cornerstone of the SmartTriage™ System. It is used by organisations who face or plan to face multiple casualties worldwide. The choice of multiple militaries and national systems, industries, and high-risk NGO’s, we have seen the SmartTag™ perform again and again to complex incidents.

Why is the SmartTag™ holder the size it is?

Feedback from user is critical to how we continue to improve our solutions. We have been listening to responders’ feedback for 25 years and acting on their suggestions. Following the Boston Bombing, we talked to responders and noted that they found that the SmartTag™ could be difficult to fit in its holder. We identified that fine motor skills are often compromised during traumatic incidents. Using this feedback, we increased the size of the holder to prevent this from being a problem in the future.

When you use SmartTag™ you can be sure its development is underpinned by years of us listening to your colleagues and implementing improvements.

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