Major Incident, Medical Management and Support (MIMMS) – (2 days)*


Major Incident, Medical Management and Support:

The Practical Approach at the Scene

Course Overview

MIMMS presents the nature and management of a major incident, focusing on how to deliver the medical support needed to multiple casualties. As the only international standard in major incident medical management, the course is taught and the principles are practiced throughout the world, being integrated into civilian and military medical practice.

Normally the course will be held at our office at the Louis Pearlman Centre, 94 Goulton Street, Hull. HU3 4DL.

What’s covered?

  • Incidents in context
  • Health and emergency services
  • Preparation
  • Communications
  • Workshops and Skill Stations
  • Command and Control
  • Triage
  • Treatment (including the dead)
  • Transport (packaging)
  • CBRN and other hazards
  • Assessments, OSCE & Written
  • Practical Exercise Without Casualties (PEWC)


2021 – * Because of ongoing Covid restrictions, we can currently only offer a 2 Day MIMMS courses. If we are able, we will add the 3rd day practical session again when we are able to.

  • October 4th & 5th (Hull
  • December 6th & 7th (Hull)

This course costs £437.50 + vat per person.

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